Conference Chairs

Our conference chairs can be hired in the thousands and are perfect for all types of events both large and small. There is no minimum or maximum quantity and all are available for short or long term hire.

Black Stacking Chair


€4.50 / week

Very smart conference chair. Features top quality padding. Lumbar support for comfort. Stacks for easy storage & set up.

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Blue Stacking Chair


€4.50 / week

Smart blue finish. High grade padding. Comfy lumbar support. Stacks for storage & set ups.

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Black Polyprop Chair


€2.25 / week

Smart & strong plastic chair. Steel legs & frame is robust. Easy to stack for transport. Use indoors and outdoors.

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Blue Polyprop Chair


€2.25 / week

Very strong & robust seat. Back is contoured for comfort. Suitable for outdoor use. Can be stacked for storage.

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Smart Seating And Large Stocks For All Your Conferences

Conferences not only require comfy seating, but they also usually need large numbers of chairs too - and we have the stocks and products for all your needs.

An affordable and convenient choice

Some of the largest events we’ve helped out with are conferences, and we make sure to maintain high stock levels in our depots so customers can easily order seating for every delegate attending. When it comes to conferences, seating has a number of requirements, and we think our polyprop and stacking chairs make ideal choices for large business events like these.

Cost is often a major factor to consider when you’re looking to rent thousands and thousands of seats, and this is where you’re able to save when hiring. Instead of buying them outright you can benefit from our much lower rental costs, immediately saving money. Add to this the fact that we deliver and collect your order to any Netherlands location at a time and day suitable for you, conference chair hire can be very convenient indeed.

From depot to delivery - we have it covered!

Renting seating for conferences usually involves high quantities of chairs, we’ve made sure that ours are affordable to transport, and are designed to moved easily. Our seats in this category are manufactured to be stacked, meaning they can be economically loaded on to our lorries, which results in cost savings. When they arrive, this stacking feature is equally useful, because it allows seating to be set up quicker, as chairs can be moved around venues in batches and installed. As part of our service, we’re able to fully set up every item of furniture you order from us, simply choose our installation option and we’ll do this for you.

Great chairs, great features

There are lots of other design features that make our seating a great choice for conferences. Our polyprop chairs are exceptionally affordable, and feature a contoured back with ventilation hole for comfort. We have them available in blue and black, which we find are two smart finishes for corporate functions. You can also order our stacking chairs in blue or black, and these are a favourite item when comfort is important. We’ve had our stacking chairs integrated with high grade padding, so they offer support for much longer, while the upholstery is also premium quality and looks very professional.

Make the link...

When you’re hiring large numbers of seating, venues quite often ask for them to be joined together in some way. This is usually due to fire policies that require chairs to be stabilised in someway so there are clear paths of exit should visitors need to leave venues quickly. Our conference seating is designed to be used with linking loops so you get exactly this.