Office Chairs

Never under estimate the importance of chair hire especially in the office. Our blue and black office chairs are functional, mobile and the perfect selection for long periods of time sitting in the workplace.

Black Operators Chair with Arms


€15.00 / week

Classic black office chair. Padded for extra comfort. Adaptable height and seat back. Armrests for added stability.

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Black Operators Chair without Arms


€11.25 / week

Smart, padded office chair. Black finish perfect for businesses. Adaptable features for comfort. Five-star base for stability & mobility.

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Blue Operators Chair with Arms


€15.00 / week

Upholstered smart office chair. Armrests for extra stability. Chair can be adapted by users. Features 5-star wheeled base.

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Blue Operators Chair without Arms


€11.25 / week

Upholstered blue office chair. Adapt height & seat back to suit. Wheeled base for mobility. Smart & modern design.

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Chairs For The Smart, Busy Office

Any office will tell you that sitting down involves being very busy at times! Although you might not be heading off to meetings, doing some training or presenting material, a lot happens when you’re seated - making it imperative you have the perfect office chair.

Benefits of stylish seating

There has been some recent trends that encourage workers to get active when they’re at their desks. For example, a selection of companies in the Netherlands and around the globe have trialled standing meetings. It’s believed that this can boost productivity, creativity and stops meetings going on for too long, as people’s minds may be more focused. Some manufacturers have even created desking that incorporates activities, like cycling, so colleagues can also challenge their bodies as well as their minds when they’re seated at their workstation.

Although these all sound like great ideas to standing, we continually find that our office chair hire range is constantly in demand. This is perhaps because productivity can also be boosted by colleagues feeling comfortable throughout their days, and finishing their work goals without any muscle or back tiredness. Our operator’s chairs can really contribute to your company in a selection of different ways.

Easy to adapt

We offer several kinds of seating that have been specially chosen for your office and business workspaces. The top features of our blue/black operators chairs are their adjustable features. In all of our models you’re able to adjust the seat height and the angle/height and mobility of the seat back too. We call these ergonomic features because they allow each person to sit in such a way that their body is in balance. The lumbar support curves around the back to prevent strain in that area, while the fact the height can be changed means workers are able to sit with their thighs parallel to the floor, which is what ergonomics suggests.

When you hire our operator’s chairs with arms, then you’re also able to keep forearms in line with thighs, which again can boost comfort levels. When it comes to office seating and getting the most comfy option, we think these adaptable elements help you achieve this and keeps everyone as comfortable and productive as possible.

Business basics...

Another feature of our office seating range that ensures they’re a great option for business premises is their looks. We have them available in black or blue, which are smart and classy looking finishes favoured by companies wanting a professional look to their workspaces. The black bases add to this corporate feel and the top quality materials boost this even more. Our chairs are the perfect size and shape to use with our desking, and you’re also able to use them with our tabling too, for meetings and other company events.