Office Storage

Our office furniture range includes a selection of storage for all your needs and paperwork. Our double door cupboards are ideal for bulky items such as boxes, folders or books and our mobile pedestals are perfect for personal paperwork and belongings. All are fully lockable for security.

Mobile Pedestal


€9.00 / week

  • Light oak mobile pedestal.
  • Can be moved quickly and easily.
  • Complete with 2 drawers.
  • 1 x pen drawer & 1 x large deep drawer.
  • Fully lockable for added security. 2 keys supplied as standard.

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    Wooden Bookcase with 1 Shelf


    €7.50 / week

    One shelf bookcases for compact storage. Light oak look matches our desking. Melamine finish for a robust product. Perfect for large files and documents.

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    Wooden Bookcase with 3 Shelves


    €14.25 / week

    1800mm high bookcase. Offer 3 shelves for storage. Robust melamine finish. Modern light oak wood.

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    Secure, Stable And Stylish Storage For Every Office

    When you get the best office storage for your needs, you not only make the most of the space available in workplaces, but your office premises will also look very neat and professional too.

    Wide rental range

    These are the main reasons our clients choose to rent items from this range of goods, and we have a great variety available that are delivered across the Netherlands. Lots of our customers have chosen to become fully digital companies, reducing their reliance on paper invoices, messages and accounting. Despite this, there’s still a real need for storage space, for files and documents that require printing, to handouts, exam papers and many more paper items. Our storage hire range can also help to add personality and character to business locations, and you can do this exactly this with our products.

    Stable storage

    When you’re storing documents, there’s a very good chance that you’ll need to look at them again, or even regularly. Perhaps you need a place to store medical records for example, or school progress reports for pupils. These types of documents can get quite large and heavy, making it essential you have a stable place to put them, and an easy way of finding them too. Our filing cabinets are the ideal choice in this instance. We offer them with 2 and 4 drawers, so you can choose the correct size for your office.

    We’ve added these items to our range because they offer so many benefits to the busy, modern office. Each drawer can hold a large 40kg in weight, and fully extend, so you’re quickly able to locate what you need and pull it out.

    There is also an anti-tilt mechanism for safety. This works by automatically locking drawers under the drawer that is opened, to prevent toppling. The light grey finish is contemporary and complements our desking and pedestals perfectly. In addition, our cabinets can also be locked with a key to keep private files confidential.

    More space when you need it

    If you’d like to store larger items, including oversized texts, clothing or boxes of office supplies for example, then our double door cupboards give you this option. We offer them in 1020mm and 1830mm heights, so again, you can order the size that suits your space the best.

    These have the same modern finish as our filing cabinets, meaning you can co-ordinate storage seamlessly. Our cupboards also have internal shelving you’re able to adapt them to your needs, while door stiffeners add to their strength and durability. An internal locking mechanism has also been fitted within every cupboard for confidentiality and peace of mind.

    Shelve it!

    Other storage options that are not only popular in offices, but in receptions, libraries, meeting rooms and at exhibitions are our bookcases. These feature the same contemporary light oak and melamine finish as our desking, and come in one shelf and three shelf models. As well as proving to be a modern item to store books and texts they’re also a simple and straightforward way to add character to your business location, proving to be a great place for awards, commendations, photos and plants/lighting too.