Black Stacking Chair

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Key features:
  • Very smart conference chair
  • Features top quality padding
  • Lumbar support for comfort
  • Stacks for easy storage & set up
Our measurements are there to help you plan your event - however if you need help making the most of your space then contact us to find more about our professional CAD planning service!
  • Height:

    800 mm
  • Width:

    525 mm
  • Depth:

    600 mm
  • Seat Depth:

    420 mm
  • :

    400 mm
  • Weight:

    6.60 kg

Long Term Furniture Hire - What Is It & How Can It Benefit You?

At its most simple long term furniture hire is when you choose to rent our products for a longer length of time, and the top reason many of our customers opt for this is as equally straightforward - it saves them money!

Why we think renting furniture long-term is the way to go...

Saving money is a great benefit to hiring chairs, tables, desks and any other item from our range, but there are lots of other advantages too, which we’ve mentioned here so you can decide if renting this way is for you.

  • No need to use your capital expenditure for office furniture
  • We deliver and collect your entire order at affordable rates
  • When you select our installation service we also set up all items
  • Get your furniture delivered quickly via our next day deliveries
  • It doesn’t matter where you live - we deliver nationwide
  • All this makes it easy to change, update and replace goods quickly
  • We’re always adding to our stocks so we can offer modern products

Comfortable And Smart Conference Seating

Conferences usually invite large numbers of delegates to come along and enjoy a busy programme of events, and we have just the seats you need for these types of occasions.


Business events like this can revolve around many different activities, from meetings, to seminars, keynote speeches and networking. Visitors arrive motivated and ready to improve their knowledge, share their brand and make contacts. To make all this as comfortable and easy as possible it’s a good idea to supply seating that allows all these smaller events to happen - and this is where our black stacking chair hire becomes one of those essential items. Here are some of the chair’s top features that make it such a favourite seating option for these functions:

  • We’ve had our stacking chairs manufactured with very high grade padding for comfort
  • The black finish is smart looking adding to the corporate look of venues
  • Because our stacking chairs stack they’re simple to store and quick to set up as well
  • This range have been designed so you can link them together keeping them in neat lines.

Key Benefits:

For any occasion chairs ought to be comfortable, whether you’re hiring them for business or private events. When visitors can sit comfortably then they can also concentrate more easily and give meetings, conferences and any other function their full attention. Because business events often feature talks, presentations and question and answer sessions that may last for significant lengths of time, we’ve had our stacking chairs manufactured so they feature very high quality upholstery. This means that when delegates sit for hours and hours at a time, this seat continues to support them. The fact that our stacking chairs also offer lumbar support, means they’re a fantastic option for those longer events.

Smart and professional seating

In addition to making sure that all guests are free to concentrate, this product really suits conferences because of the way it looks. The traditional shape of the chair, combined with the black finish and chrome legs, makes this a very smart option. Conferences are often an opportunity to promote your brand, and our stacking chairs provide a professional looking seating option so you can make the right impression.

When you’re providing seating for thousands and thousands of people, setting up all the furniture might seem like a huge challenge. Our stacking chairs can assist you when you’d like to rapidly get venues ready for delegates. This product stacks, which is a great advantage when it comes to transport, storage and installation. As they can be moved in stacked batches, this can help speed up set ups.

Need neat rows?

Additionally, they’re designed so you’re free to easily link them together using loops or cable ties, whichever you may prefer! If you’d like assistance setting up venues with our furniture, just choose this option when you’re booking your order and our delivery team with do all this for you!

Typical Uses:

Conferences, meetings, presentations, keynote speeches, networking events, boardrooms, breakout meetings, exhibitions.



I need thousands put up in different rooms of my venue, is this okay?

We can install your seating within any venue. Just choose the full installation option when you’re ordering.

Do you have any other finishes?

Yes, we also stock blue stacking chairs too.

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